Create A Drone Program

Pilot FlyingEliminate the guessing game and put SkyOp's years of drone industry expertise to work for you to ensure a smooth, effective, and profitable drone program.

SkyOp can help you determine how rapidly evolving drone technology can deliver reduced risk, lower costs, improved operational efficiency and productivity, and/or an entirely new revenue stream for your business.

We've helped clients of all sizes determine whether drones are right for their organization. Our team has years of expertise building enterprise-wide drone programs from the ground up. We assist clients in securing executive-level buy-in for enterprise drone applications before helping them navigate the complex regulatory hurdles, craft necessary enterprise-wide policies, and train pilots, data analysts and program administrators. We provide tools to report on ROI that is indispensable for any enterprise program.

If you are interested in exploring how drones can bring a new dynamic to your organization, are looking to expand an existing drone program, or are seeking assistance promoting formal corporate infrastructure for an existing drone program, please complete our Drone Program Assessment Survey and one of our specialists will follow up to strategize your organization's future.

The SkyOp Expertise

A free assessment with SkyOp can help your organization launch an effective drone program. Our team can:

  • Provide expert advice and analysis to enterprise leadership that ensures the benefits of a drone program are evaluated based on the realities of this developing technology, helping to maximize executive-level buy-in
  • Develop return-on-investment models which factor in the unique applications for which your organization is currently, or will in the future, deploying drone technology
  • Cultivate a team of drone pilots comprised of dedicated in-house pilots, up-skilled staff, external contract pilots, or a combination thereof
  • Evaluate whether building an internal training program for pilots and program administrators is the most viable path for your organization, or if tapping into contract pilots is a better fit for your unique needs
  • Determine the ideal drone flight systems and data collection and data analysis tools for your ultimate objectives and use cases
  • Develop the necessary corporate policies, operating manuals, consistent procedures, training, and certification demands for employees and contractors alike, which are all often necessary for solid liability coverage policies
  • Train and certify pilots, or develop your in-house team as certified FAA trainers of basic hands-on flight skills
  • Train in-house data analysis teams, empowering them with the most advanced digital photo and video processing tools available, advanced photogrammetry software skills for orthomosaic mapping, 3D modeling, point cloud development, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and more
Navigating Internal and External Concerns

Misconceptions about "drones" both within enterprise leadership and amongst the general public are one of the hurdles that lay in front of a successful drone program. While executive leadership is often quick to recognize the cost and safety benefits drones can deliver across enterprise applications, the public misconceptions about drone safety, privacy protections, and regulatory provisions require a comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy to ensure optimal results. SkyOp has the experience necessary to help any organization navigate these in-house and public concerns.

Competitive Advantage & Return-on-Investment

The FAA forecasts that there will be close to one million commercial drones operating in the U.S. alone by 2023. Yet, many enterprise-level drone programs are often under-publicized as their unique value-add makes for a desirable competitive advantage that is being used to reduce the amount of time it takes to turn data into decisions. Many organizations are achieving a measurable, positive return-on-investment with a properly developed and implemented drone program that integrates this advanced technology into their daily workflow.

It's Time to Get Started

Now is the time to start or even grow your organization's drone program. Find out why many companies, public safety organizations, colleges, high schools, large state agencies, and Fortune 500 companies like Amazon have selected SkyOp. Take a moment to complete our Drone Program Assessment Survey or Contact Us today to arrange a consultation.