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Hire SkyOp Trained and Certified Drone Professionals

We’ve been training drone professionals since 2014. Now, we can help match you up with those professionals to fill openings in your organization – at no charge to either the drone professional or the hiring organization!

We are continuously graduating drone professionals from our training programs around the country. All of our former students are FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certified and clearly understand all the rules.

We begin by teaching our students to fly indoors without GPS so they have the necessary skills to operate confidently in any situation. Then, we develop outdoor hands-on flying skills using either the DJI Phantom 4 Series or the DJI Mavic 2 Series flight systems, concentrating on both basic as well as advanced flight modes. Experience is gained as both the remote pilot in command and as a visual observer.

After developing piloting skills, students learn how to plan and program flight missions using several of the most popular autonomous flight apps so they can collect data using drones. And in the final phase of the training, students learn how to use Pix4Dmapper to generate orthomosaics, 3D models, volume measurements, index maps and video animations so they can turn that raw data into actionable intelligence for your organization.

Our students are being trained in classes given at the U.S. Department of Labor's Job Corps, at STEM programs in High Schools, and in custom retraining programs we are delivering for major corporations. Graduates are eager to enter the workforce with the new skills they have acquired. Most don’t have hundreds of hours of logged flight time, but what they do have is between 100 and 300 hours of intensive SkyOp drone training. You can rest assured they have received the best drone training anywhere!

Contact us now and see if we have drone professionals that meet your needs. Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP to discussion your options.