Part 107 Test Prep

Remote Pilot test Prep

Keep up with changing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements to remain ahead of the curve among commercial drone pilots. Anyone operating a drone for any commercial or business purpose must obtain an FAA remote pilot certification. This highly focused course prepares you for the test to receive this certification.

Beyond drone-specific material, students will gain an understanding of much of the ground-school information covered in the FAA’s knowledge test. Topics covered include regulations relating to small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS); airspace classification, interpretation of sectional navigation charts, operating requirements, and flight restrictions; aviation weather sources and effects; small unmanned aircraft loading and performance; emergency procedures; aeronautical decision-making and crew resource management; radio communication procedures; physiological effects of drugs and alcohol; airport operations; and maintenance and preflight inspection procedures.

The remote pilot knowledge test Unmanned Aircraft – General includes 60 questions and requires a passing score of 70%. The test costs $150, paid separately to the Knowledge Testing Center. With successful completion of the test, you can apply for a remote pilot certificate for FAA Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations part 107. The course fee includes a workbook, a sectional chart, an FAA test supplement, 50 FAA sample test questions, and seven hours of instruction. Actual FAA testing must be administered at an authorized Knowledge Testing Center and is NOT included in the course fee.

Students new to drone piloting should take the comprehensive 21-hour Intro to Drones with Part 107 Test Prep course, which provides all the vital skills and information you need to start piloting drones safely and legally, in addition to all of the material covered in the Part 107 Test Prep course.

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