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Aerial Video & Photography


At SkyOp, we're using an unmanned multi-rotor copter with an on-board camera in a wide range of commercial applications. Aerial video and photography can now be done for a fraction of the cost of commercial helicopters and airplanes. And by flying at varying altitudes, in tight spaces, indoors or outdoors, we can get views traditional aircraft can't. We're not only photographers, we're technologists who understand how today's most advanced technology can be applied in different, innovative ways, leading to new cost-effective solutions.

SkyOp provides on-site video and photographic services in many different markets. If you need a unique perspective in your media, real estate, or other marketing programs, we can help! We also assist with inspection services, damage documentation, accident scene surveys, search and rescue, thermal imaging, and other photo documentation services. We deliver raw video and images or fully edited final productions to meet our clients' demanding requirements.

Our 6-blade remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with a high-definition video camera, and a two-person pilot/cameraman team fly it for precise control. The craft's first-person video technology shows what the camera is recording via a real-time video display screen. By remote control, we can simultaneously capture video and still images, repositioning and zooming as necessary. The craft is maneuvered using sophisticated on-board computer technology, including automatic pitch and roll compensation as well as GPS-aided position and altitude controls, allowing us to capture the perfect shots to meet your needs!


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