SkyOp LLC - Go To A New Level

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At SkyOp, we're performing research and development using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for applications in Public Safety, Agriculture, Insurance, and Land Surveying. We're implementing flight training and autonomous mission operation, and we're testing and gathering software tools that provide a true value-add to these flight systems.

Flight System Sales
We can help you acquire the perfect sUAS to meet your specific requirements. We work with multiple vendors to provide the best flight systems for a wide range of applications.

Flight System Maintenance
We'll help you maintain your flight systems by providing upgrade services, repairs, and parts. Our goal is to keep your flight systems safe, running optimally, and in the air where they can provide the maximum ROI.

Flight Training & Certification
We're developing flight training and certification programs for individuals and groups. We're currently working with colleges to provide hands-on instruction, courseware, and train-the-trainer programs.

Software Tools
We're assembling a suite of software tools to meet your data storage and analysis needs: enterprise-class cloud-based video and photo storage facilities that meet the highest standards for secure data storage, mapping and measurement tools, and collaboration tools to help you learn about and share new ideas and best practices with others in your industry.

Photo & Video Consulting
We still provide consulting services to help you understand and meet your aerial photography and video needs. View some of our videos here.

We're currently working with Public Safety organizations to gain FAA Certificates of Authorization (COAs), and we're preparing for other FAA commercial application approvals.

We'd like to help you better understand how to use this exciting new sUAS technology. To learn more, contact us at or 585-598-4737.