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Book Launch: “The Ultimate Drone Professional Guide” Explores How to Break into the Commercial Drone Industry

Brian Pitre | 17 months ago

Industry veteran and drone evangelist, Brian Pitre, explores how drones change all business in this new e-book on popular digital book platforms or as a free online version.

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How To Find A Job As A Drone Professional

Brian Pitre | 18 months ago

With drone technology creating new professional opportunities, many people are educating themselves on the possibilities of working with drones, either to join the industry for the first time or to...

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What Does It Take To Be A SUAS Drone Instructor?

Brian Pitre | 19 months ago

Since we at SkyOp provide drone training curricula to many high schools and colleges, we are frequently asked what it takes to be a good drone instructor.

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A Day In The Life Of A Commercial Drone Pilot

Brian Pitre | 20 months ago

In this article, I'll examine a short list of the supporting tasks required for a drone pilot before and after a successful flight mission.

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How To Become A Small Unmanned Aircraft System Drone Pilot

Brian Pitre | 23 months ago

Have you ever wondered what's needed to get a job as a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) commercial drone pilot?

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Debunking Two Commonly Held Misbeliefs About Drone Education Programs

Brian Pitre | 2 years ago

Drones are tools that help in delivery, data collection and data analytics that produce asset management results or actionable intelligence.

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Electric Vehicles And The Rapid Advancement Of Urban Air Mobility

Brian Pitre | 2 years ago

Lurking in the background and hardly being noticed is the next phase of the EV revolution - urban air mobility (UAM).

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Why Community Colleges Should Consider Investing In Drone Certification Programs

Brian Pitre | 2 years ago

Community colleges are designed to help students acquire new skills to obtain meaningful work. Today, junior colleges are faced with declining revenue, declining enrollment due to the pandemic and the...

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What Is A Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) And Why Is It So Important?

Brian Pitre | 3 years ago

Most technological advances include a vast number of positives. And yet, at the same time, we can also be affected by the negative side of the same technology.

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The Future Of Drones: Outer Space, Urban Landscapes And Business Tasks

Brian Pitre | 3 years ago

Drones are a transformative technology that, over the next decade, will change in ways you likely never imagined.

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Understanding Corporate Drone Programs In Today’s Enterprise Businesses

Brian Pitre | 3 years ago

The old adage "you can’t teach an old dog new tricks" rings true in many areas of business, since after doing things the same way for so long, it’s hard...

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STEM Drone Programs Are Creating Career Pathways For Today's Modern Workforce

Brian Pitre | 3 years ago

Even though they can be small in size, drones are packed with a rapidly growing assortment of advanced technology that gives them some amazing capabilities.

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Getting Started With Drones: What Business Leaders Need To Know

Brian Pitre | 3 years ago

Though you've probably heard about drones delivering packages for Amazon, UPS and Google, that's just one simple way of how drones are transforming business.