Training Solutions

In addition to offering our own courses, we work with educational institutions, sUAS manufacturers, public safety organizations, and businesses to create custom training solutions.  Let us help get your class up and running quickly!

Ready to get started?  Contact us by phone at 585.598.4737 or by email at  We’ll meet to discuss your specific requirements, and then we’ll create all of the materials needed to deliver a high-quality, comprehensive education on small unmanned aerial vehicles.  And if you’d like, we can train your trainers or deliver the class for you.

Colleges, Universities, and Professional Development Organizations

Take advantage of the buzz surrounding the Unmanned Aerial Systems industry and create professional development courses or degree programs in this hot new market.  With projections indicating as many as 100,000 new jobs will be created within the next few years, trained workers are going to be in short supply.  Work with us to create a leading-edge curriculum that’ll help you stand out and attract new students.

sUAS Manufacturers

Whether you manufacture multi-rotor or fixed-wing systems, building best-in-class aircraft is your business.  Let us help make flight training a competitive advantage!  General flight concepts…  specific details about your flight systems…  safety best-practices…  we’ll cover it all, creating and delivering training programs that help your customers get the most out of your products.

Public Safety Organizations

It doesn’t matter if you’re police, fire or EMS, you’re hearing about how unmanned aerial vehicles can help you with search and rescue, hostage situations, accident analysis, surveillance…  But you need to figure out how to deploy these exciting new tools quickly, safely and effectively while continuing to deliver all the rest of your services.  Let us help!  We’ll create a training program that covers all the topics important to your team, and we’ll teach it on a schedule that works for you.


Agriculture… insurance…  surveying… media…  marketing…  construction…  real estate…  Amazon’s not the only business that should be looking at how unmanned aerial vehicles can help deliver products and services more effectively!  Chat with us about the possibilities in your industry, and then let us help create a leading-edge training program that gets your employees up to speed on these hot new tools.